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NSVCS offers 24 hours 7 days per week crisis assistance. Through the request of police/fire we deploy a victim assistance services response team to occurrences such as:
  • abuse of the elderly
  • accommodation crisis
  • disaster and multi-casualty occurrences
  • family occurrences
  • fire
  • homicide
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • robbery
  • sexual assault
  • spousal assault
  • stalking/harassment
  • sudden death
  • suicide or attempted suicide
  • theft/property crime
How Victim Assistance Service Works
  • The victim calls the police
  • A police officer arrives and is able to tell the victim about Victim Assistance Services
  • The Victim Assistance Services team will offer help over the phone or at the scene.
  • The police officer is free to leave knowing that the victim's needs are being cared for.
  • The victim is left knowing that there are people and support services available
Operational Limitations, NSVCS cannot respond to situations where:
  • the victim is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • the victim is mentally unstable
  • children under CAS (Children's Aid Society) mandate

NSVCS is not a counseling service; our trained volunteers provide emotional support and practical assistance to victims of crime and tragic circumstance. Our primary goal is to provide immediate support and then act as a link for victims to locate appropriate agencies and services within their community

********NEXT TRAINING STARTS March 2015*********

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